Our Company have the large fleet of ultra-low temperature longline tuna fishing vessel in China now.

    The vessels in our fleet have professional qualification, advanced vessel parameter and complete equipments. Each vessel has possessed the permission to access to tuna fishing issued by the international organization OPRT. Every vessel in our corporate has obtained the pelagic fishery enterprise certificate and the fishing license. The tuna vessels in our corporate belong to the category of large-scale ultra-low temperature longline tuna fishing vessel. This kind of vessel has bigger size than the normal tuna vessels, the registration tonnage are more than 340 gross tonnages and the total power are all above 735Kw. We bring in the professional imported quick-freeze facilities which can make the temperature at or below -55℃. We equip the vessels with world class ultra-low temp freezing room to make sure the tuna food material offered by us is being under the preservation of ultra-low temperature at or lower than -55 from primary process to transshipment and final sell. We keep the fresh of tuna all the way to perfectly match the high-grade tuna sashimi material international standard.